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« Balance » bracelet of the 7 Chakras

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This superb «Balance» Bracelet of the 7 Chakras made of natural semi-precious stones of jasper and real leather is a creation combining all the colors corresponding to the chakras. The Jasper stones have been carefully cut into a stick shape and the assembly has been entirely handcrafted to make your jewelry perfectly unique. The stick shape of the stones makes it possible to obtain a bracelet of the cuff type of great elegance.

Jasper is known to be a healing and anchoring stone casting great protection. It is highly prized by shamans who consider it particularly sacred for the therapeutic virtues it provides. It promotes inner stability by fighting stress, anxiety and various fears, but it also fights negative energies. It is soothing on the physical level as well as on the emotional and mental level. It clears the mind to improve meditation while helping the chakras to rebalance themselves for better harmony.

Acquiring this magnificent «Balance» Bracelet of the 7 Chakras made of natural semi-precious stones of jasper and leather will improve your inner stability, promote your well-being and be superbly elegant on your wrist. Click quickly on "Add to cart" to receive it now.