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LOVE and VITALITY Bracelet of 7 chakras

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Something’s missing in your life, and you just can’t put a pin on that void. Maybe, it’s because you don’t have a significant other, yet. Or maybe you’re in a dysfunctional relationship and you want to fix it. Don’t stress! This Love and Vitality Bracelet of 7 Chakras will bring you luck in that area.

The anahata or the heart stone is the centerpiece of this bracelet. The name itself indicates the connection with the heart — or love. With this bracelet, you will be able to relate more with the sense of touch, which, arguably is the primary instrument of love.

Heal your wounded heart, simply by adding this to your cart. If you know someone who might be in a painful situation like this, why not give it to them as a gift? You’ll surely be appreciated.

  • Size of bracelet: 18cm
  • Stone size: 10mm