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PROTECTION, HEALING AND POWER Bracelet in black obsidian, tiger’s eye and hematite.

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Enable your inner power


This PROTECTION, HEALING and POWER Bracelet is made of 5 tigers eye pearls, 10 black obsidian pearls and 5 hematite pearls. These natural stone pearls have been selected with care for their amazing quality in order to provide an extraordinary jewel both esthetically and for the properties of each stone.


By combining these 3 stones, this PROTECTION, HEALING and POWER Braceletwill have a full scope of action to get the maximum benefits.


- Tigers eye rises consciousness and allows you to keep negative vibes away while only keeping the good ones to protect you. It balances the yin and the yang, allowing better focus, calming agitation and eliminating fear.


- Black obsidian is a true shield, the most powerful protective stone, preventing negative energies from attacking your mental balance while helping you fight anxiety and depression.


- Hematite is a strengthening and purifying stone, predominantly used in lithotherapy, which improves tonicity and vitality in order to gain more dynamism.


This beautiful PROTECTION, HEALING and POWER Bracelet in black Obsidian, Tigers Eye and Hematite is mounted on a high quality 18 cm elastic with 10mm diameter stones. To get one right now, click onadd to cart.



- Length: 18 cm (elastic)

- Diameter of the pearls: 10 mm
- Material: AAA Quality Tiger’s Eye, Black Obsidian and Hematite