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7 chakra and natural stone bracelet

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This 7-Chakras and natural stone braceletis made from high quality semi-precious stones.

The lava stone is known for being the reconstruction stone. It enables distance from hardship, whether it is in our daily lives or from the past. It gives the one who wears it the ability to better face the future, or at least with more serenity. It helps master emotions, calm tensions and allows better anger management.

The lava stone makes the person go beyond their barriers and limits. It helps opening up to others while getting to know ourselves better or get a deeper understanding of ourselves.

The other stones matching the 7 chakras will each act on the relevant chakra to restore it, rebalance it and harmonize it in order to give you back general well-being, physical as well as mental and spiritual.

By embracing this 7-chakra natural stone bracelet, your chakras will remain balanced so you can maintain your personal well-being every day. Click on « add to cart » to get your bracelet as soon as possible.