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7-Chakra « strengthening » necklace

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This 7-Chakra « strengthening » necklace is for those who wish to daily strengthen the harmony of their chakras. Each stone of this necklace has a direct link to one of the 7 major chakras of the human body. The goal of this necklace is thus to bring harmony and serenity in the life of those who wear it. With the choice of the different stones embellishing this necklace, it will have a special aura which will protect the person wearing it. A precious gift for yourself or for your loved ones.

Among the many advantages of this 7-chakra necklace, we have especially enjoyed:
• the harmony in the progression of the colors of the stones,
• the ability to get benefits on the 7 chakras with only one item,
• the grace that the tassel gives to the necklace,
• the fact that there is no complicated lock,
• the beneficial aura generated by this jewel.

Take harmony with you with this 7-chakra necklace!

Type: necklace
Material: zinc alloy and stone
Size of the pendant: 12 cm