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7-Chakra sun catcher

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This 7-chakra sun catcher is made with crystal carved to give this different facets aspect to each stone.

Each prism carved this way allows it to catch the sun and the sun rays and reflect on the surrounding surfaces, such as walls.

For a better and more beautiful result, it is advised to hang your 7-chakra sun catcher to a window for a more generous amount of sun rays which will give a harmonious rainbow effect on the surrounding surfaces.

This 7-chakra sun catcher has the colors respective to the 7 chakras releasing positive energies in your space and bringing you peace and equilibrium.

All the disposition options are allowed, even the ones originating from the « Feng Shui ». That way, your catcher will find its spot hanging by a window, on a balcony on a patio, on the veranda, and even by your front door. To get the light shining in your home, click on « add to cart » to quickly get your 7-chakra sun catcher.