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7 Chakras Beach Towel

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Why practice or do yoga on a sandy, dusty floor? You can now use this new 7 Chakras Beach Towel. Easy to fold and supple, very comfortable to bring with you wherever you go. Chakras are Vortices of energy, which form part of the ancient Indian explanation for how Universal Life Force Energy is drawn in and channeled throughout the body. This thickened towel, can be used as a bath towel, soft and comfortable, can also be used as a shawl, in the cold can keep you warm and for your yoga meditation. This unique, fresh design would make for excellent personal use tapestry a perfect gift and has many uses: wall hanging, tablecloth, beach cover-up, dorm, couch cover or window curtain other home furnished purposes, Yoga Meditation.

Featuring the 7 chakras, enjoy this item in your yoga class, picnic at the beach, or watching the night sky. Machine washable, cold water and dry clean which makes it easy to clean. Perfect gift idea for practically anyone!


  • Material: towel material 
  • Size: 70cmx150cm; 150cmx150cm; 0.1cm thin
  • This towel is suitable for beach holidays, yoga mat