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7 Chakras Energy Bracelet made of natural stones

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This 7 Chakras Energy Bracelet made of natural stones is an essential harmonization bracelet to support the chakras and enable them to rebalance, unblock or restore themselves in order to be in good balance at all times.

Why ? The reason is, it is thanks to this balance that your general wellbeing will be at its optimum level. Each stone present on this bracelet will play its role to achieve this purpose.

In addition, when associated with Onyx, the benefits are largely enhanced, because it is a powerful stone that improves the nerve functions, increases the resistance, helps in the management of difficult situations as well as in that of stress while equally providing reinforcements in terms of self-control and self-confidence.

The set of stones that make up this 7 Chakras Energy Bracelet made of natural stones will bring that vital inner balance you need every day. This hand-made jewel will look really great on your wrist. The semi-precious stones, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, Tiger Eye and Onyx, are interposed with silver beads. These are mounted on a solid elastic strap to suit most wrists. An tree of life pendant charm, symbol of luck in Asia, enhances this beautiful bracelet. To get your 7 Chakras Energy Bracelet made of natural stones, click on "Add to Cart".