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7 Chakras Pendulums

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This 7 chakra semi-precious stones pendulum is great for dowsing chakra. It is in a rainbow formation, since specific colors correspond to each chakra and they work best when placed in the same order as the chakras. When there is blockages or imbalances in more than one chakra, so it’s important to wear this reiki 7 chakra stones hexagon pendant that help balance the whole system even if there is one major blockage that then affects the others – meaning, wear them all, for best results!



It’s a beautiful, thoughtful gift for anyone and it will help improve wellbeing through the balancing and opening of their chakras. This 7 chakra stones pendulum is suitable for use during yoga and lovers of nature. The seven energies in this pendant are base, brow, sacral, crown, heart, throat and solar plexus. Apart from wearing this chakra pendant pendulum for healing purposes, you can wear them purely for aesthetic reasons, which makes sense because they'll match just about any outfit.



·     REIKI-CHARGED to heal and restore balance - will enhance the energy of other crystals



·     EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY pendulum hand-crafted with real amethyst, blue aventurine, turquoise, green aventurine, yellow citrine, peach aventurine and red jasper.



·     HEALS and BALANCES - Designed for dowsing, healing, meditation, chakra balancing charting, Reiki, psychic readings and spirit communication