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«Balance of the 7 chakra» Necklace in semi-precious natural stones

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This magnificent «Balance of the 7 chakra» necklace in beautifully colored semi-precious natural stones will perfectly enhance your headwear and perfect your neckline with its low-cut version of the neck. It is made with complementary stones in Jasper, Agate and Labradorite cut into different shapes, discs, balls and sticks, giving it a very elegant style.

It will support the harmony of your chakras on a daily basis by rebalancing them and restoring them whenever necessary.

 - The Jasper is a healing stone, but also an anchor bringing stability, it protects from negative energies as well as anxiety and stress. It improves meditation and mind clarity.

- Labradorite has the particularity of being an excellent shield by absorbing the wrong energies and then dissolving them. It is regenerating and stimulating to ideally combat both intellectual and physical fatigue. It soothes emotions, but also emotional wounds.

- Agate helps to counter internal blockages, including energy blockages, and stabilizes physical energy. It promotes the harmonization between yin and yang and supports apprehension in difficult situations. It soothes stress by promoting calm.

The association of the shapes given to the different stones adds an additional charm to the whole jewel. To obtain your «Balance of the 7 chakra» necklace in semi-precious natural stones, click on "Add to basket" without delay.