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Bracelet 7 chakras in real leather and natural stones

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This very beautiful Bracelet 7 chakras in real leather and semi-precious natural stones of the cuff type, handmade, will not only be a very elegant jewel, but also a great companion to promote the right balance of your chakras and your inner stability for a vital well-being every day.

The Onyx that composes it is quite interesting. It promotes strength and stability, generating better self-control. It increases energy for better resistance in order to face difficulties by better understanding situations.

Lava Stone, also present on this Bracelet 7 chakras in real leather and natural stones, is the reconstruction stone that generates a positive effect by allowing you to step back according to the hazards. It helps to see the future in a positive way with more serenity and to go beyond personal limits. It helps to better manage anger and emotions while easing tensions.

Jasper is a stone of rebirth and strengthening, especially by supporting the immune system. Decorate your wrist with this 7 chakras bracelet in real leather and natural stones, fitted with a very beautiful closing button engraved with a superb Lotus Flower, without delay by clicking on "Add to Cart".