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Bracelets of 7 Chakras

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Our body has seven chakras distributed from the bottom to the top following the alignment of the spine. These are our energy centers. When they are balanced and in a perfect harmony, our whole being is impacted by these benefits, whether mental, emotional, intellectual, or physical. Hence the importance of taking care of them and ensuring that they do not unbalance. Each chakra has a specific stone and a color. 

These beautiful Bracelets of 7 Chakras are bringing, therefore, a direct answer to your chakras. Each semi-precious stone in it will play its role to bring you the well-being that you need every day. Amethyst for purple is crown chakra, turquoise for third eye chakra, dark blue Lazurite for throat chakra, green Howlite for heart chakra, yellow with tiger's eye for the solar plexus, orange with Amber for the holy chakra and red with red Agate for the root chakra. 

In order to avoid an energy loss and chakras unbalance due to harmful waves and negative energies surrounding you and impacting you with their consequences, think to get these Bracelets of 7 Chakras that will bring you only well-being. Click on "Add to Cart" without delay. Being good in one’s life and in one’s body is priceless.