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Energy Bracelet of 7 Chakras

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This beautiful energy bracelet of 7 chakras is made of beautiful natural colored semi-precious stones. Each one has a specific feature to restore or balance your chakras by harmonizing them. This will make a mental and a physical improvement of your absolute global energy. You will feel good and in line with your inner energies by harmonizing your chakras. Your daily life will be more Zen and peaceful. 

 The stones forming this Energy Bracelet of 7 chakras will allow you to find some inner peace, which have a positive impact on emotion management and reduces negative feelings such as anger. You will gain steadiness while increasing confidence and self-esteem, amplifying your resistance, and showing more vitality on a daily basis. When chakras are well balanced, it is not only the mental, emotional, spiritual health that draws all the benefits, but also the physical one. 

It is designed to suit everyone, with its diameter of 20 cm. In order to keep your chakras well balanced on the long term, do not hesitate to get this Energy Bracelet of 7 chakras by clicking on "Add to cart". Hurry, the stock is limited and you will not find it in stores.