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Energy Ring of 7 chakras (Buy 1 get 3)

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This ring of 7 chakras, made in silver metal, is set with stones in the colors of the 7 chakras which are:

· The crown chakra for purple
· The 3rd eye chakra for indigo blue
· The throat chakra for dark blue
· The heart chakra for green
· Solar plexus chakra for yellow
· The sacred chakra for orange
· The root chakra for red

The chakras we all have need to be rebalanced daily to feel good every day. The stones composing this Ring of the 7 chakras will allow you by wearing it to rebalance the chakras or restore them if necessary and harmonize them by providing you a general well-being. Each stone and its color will regenerate the chakra that corresponds to it to afford you with a real inner peace.

Take advantage as quickly as possible from an immediate rebalancing of your chakras and thus attract good energies, click on the button "Add to cart".

You will get 3 ring in your package.