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Harmonization Bracelet of 7 Chakras II

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The stones selected for this Harmonization Bracelet of 7 Chakras are all related to your 7 chakras. Each stone brings its benefits to chakra associated to it. It allows you to find, or maintain an inner balance essential for your well-being.

All these stones have been chosen with extreme rigor for their very high quality to offer you the most beautiful bracelets. A very beautiful jewel with exceptional virtues. By wearing it regularly you will quickly see that your senses will be more awake. Your physical and mental state will be better. Negative waves will remain distant, allowing you to only benefit from positive energies. Your resistance will be greater, your concentration more intense, your emotions will be more stable. You will feel that your self-confidence is improving. Together, the stones of this Harmonization Bracelet of 7 Chakras will bring a general harmonization that will be beneficial only for you.

This beautiful Harmonization Bracelet 7 Chakras is made with a quality elastic with a diameter of 19 cm to suit most handgrips. The stock is limited, take advantage of this exceptional jewel, because you will not find it in store. Click on "Add to Cart" to get yours right now.