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Harmonization necklace of 7 Chakras

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 This 7-Chakra harmonization necklace is a true support, allowing your chakras to stay perfectly balanced or to restore, when necessary in order to be in total harmony. When your chakras are unbalanced or fragile due to the negative waves surrounding you it is your general state that is disturbed.

This beautiful 7-Chakra harmonization necklace will act through the semi-precious stones composing it by acting on each of your chakras to protect your vital energy mentally, intellectually as well as physically. These stones will allow to restore an inner stability and improve your confidence. Your resilience and your dynamism will further develop. You will regain necessary well-being.

This beautiful 7-Chakra harmonization necklace is 50cm long and made out of 8mm semi-precious stones matching each of your chakras. These stones have been selected for their high quality to offer you an exceptional jewel.

To help your chakras and take care of yourself and your well-being daily, don’t hesitate to order this beautiful 7-Chakra harmonization necklace that you will not find in stores, by clicking « add to cart » right now. Limited stock.