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Healing Bracelet of 7 Chakras

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Balance your 7 chakras.

This healing bracelet of 7 chakras is formed of 7 semi-precious stones corresponding to the 7 chakras of the human body, as well as the 17 stones of Lava.

The 7 semi-precious stones have been rigorously selected for their great quality and beneficial virtues, widely recognized in lithotherapy. Their presence is essential to harmonize the chakras and allow you maintaining a general well-being in everyday life. 

Towards many negative waves, your chakras are often weakened and thus they might get unbalanced or blocked. The stones will restore them and rebalance them whenever it is necessary. Thanks to this, you will protect your vital energy, be it physical, mental, spiritual and even intellectual. You will manage your emotions more easily, you will feel internally more stable and confident and you will get much better over days. You will be more dynamic and your resistance will be greater. Lava stone is a precious solution that can help you really manage your anger and get rid of it.

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