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Healing necklace of 7 chakras

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This beautiful healing necklace of 7 chakras contains a pendant with its semi-precious stones aligned one above the other like the chakras along our spine. It is adjustable to the desired length. 

The stones used were selected not only for their high quality, but also to interact with every single chakra by providing the benefits associated to them. Red Agate, Amber, Tiger's Eye, Green Howlite, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst will allow your chakras to be in a harmony and conserve your life energy and good balance. When chakras are balanced, your overall well-being benefits from it. You will feel more stable and more self-confident. You will manage better f your emotions, dynamism and strengthen your resistance.

This healing necklace of 7 chakras, although it is discreet, it will provide you all its benefits from a real inner peace to the essential emotional and spiritual stability. Moreover, it suits any outfit.

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