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« Muladhara » bracelets in natural Turquoise and Howlite

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These models of «Muladhara» Bracelets in Turquise and natural Howlite offers you a range of options: from solo turquoise or howlite to a combination of the two stones. In any case, you are assured of real elegance. The assembly linking the stones together and the addition of a medallion representing muladhara, the first chakra, completes this jewel for a refinement that will meet your expectations. These bracelets with their outstanding finish are entirely handmade and come in two sizes for both ladies and men alike. The Howlite fosters self-control, distancing you from the angers of those around you. Placed under your pillow, it relieves stress to allow you enjoy calm and peaceful nights. It is also a memory booster, calms the mind and improves inner peace.

Turquoise on the other hand shields against harmful and disruptive environmental pollutants. It protects against electromagnetic energies and other negative disturbances.

It promotes personal growth, builds self-esteem, fights shyness and improves self-awareness, making you more objective. It also promotes creativity through the development of innovative expressions. On a sentimental level, it is the stone of lovers par excellence, as it stimulates romance between couples.

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