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Pink Agate « Anahata Chakra » Bracelet

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This beautiful Pink Agate « Anahata Chakra » Bracelet which exudes elegance has been crafted with agate stones carefully selected for both their colour and high quality. And as a jewel deserves special care, each stone has been cut into a stick shape and assembled on a double leather strap.

The whole jewel is made by hand. It is finished with a nice engraved fastening button and three possible adjustment positions to allow you to adjust it perfectly according to the size of your wrist.

Pink Agate is a beautiful stone belonging to the Quartz family. Like many pink stones, this one is related to love and the chakra of the heart. It promotes inner peace and increases self-esteem. It is a soothing and reassuring stone that generates positive and affectionate vibrations. It relieves the sufferings related to the affect, alleviates emotional deficiencies. It is also a stone that supports friendship by stimulating it.

A beautiful jewel with beneficial virtues, this Pink Agate « Anahata Chakra » Bracelet will delight you and charm your entourage without the slightest doubt. Click on "Add to cart" to receive yours as soon as possible.