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Ring of 7 carved chakras

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This ring of 7 carved chakras, is silver-plated and made of small stones representing the 7 chakras of the human body. Each participates in rebalancing the chakra that corresponds to it in order to achieve a harmony of the inner positive energies. Our 7 chakras are receivers as well as emitters of all the physical, emotional and spiritual energies we face daily, both positive and negative. These are exactly the ones that unbalance and disrupt our chakras. 

Moreover, each stone of this ring of 7 carved chakras is in perfect resonance with the different energetic points of our body. These stones are also widely recognized for their benefits as an amplifier of energies and a healer, particularly in lithotherapy. The stones hold the colors of the 7 chakras, which allow energies to circulate better in order to activate chakras and find a real harmony by ensuring calm and inner comfort while acting as a shield to keep the negative energies distant.

Get the Ring of 7 carved chakras, adjustable according to the size of your finger, to rebalance your chakras as quickly as possible every day. Click on "Add to Cart" now. An opportunity to make you feel good!