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Rooting Bracelet of 7 chakras.

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Once you wear the appropriate stones, you give your 7 chakras the ability to rebalance more easily. Each stone helps to harmonize their energies in a better way or restore them if they are in a bad posture. This rooting bracelet of 7 chakrasis a superb jewel on your handgrip thatfulfills its function, thanks to each natural stone selected by its colors associated to each of type chakras.

The stones forming this Rooting Bracelet of 7 chakras will have a quick impact on your inner balance and well-being at all levels by acting directly on your spiritual and vital energy continuously. Designed in a diameter of 20 cm, it can suit to all handgrips. Silver-plated pearls were combined to make it even more beautiful. 

Remember to treat well your chakras and yourself, by wearing this beautiful rooting bracelet of 7 chakras that will provide you all the benefits to improve your well-being on a daily basis in addition to being elegant to your handgrip. Offer yourself this unique bracelet by clicking on "Add to Cart" now. The stock is limited! It does not exist in store, do not miss!