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Shamballa Bracelet of 7 Chakras

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This beautiful Shamballa Bracelet of 7 chakras is handmade by following the rules of Tibetan art. It is composed of 13 semi-precious stones of great quality and different colors all intelligently and very nicely encircled in a very careful weaving. Two small stones end each edge of the braiding. Each of the stones of this bracelet corresponds to a precise chakra by its compositions, its properties and its color. They allow all your chakras to align, to harmonize, but also to rebalance when necessary. 

This beautiful Shamballa Bracelet of 7 chakrashas been designed to be adjustable, fit perfectly to any handgripand meet everyone's expectations. It will embellish with grace and elegance each of your outfits in everyday life by its colors that will coordinate very easily with your wearing style. You will emphasize your beauty while keeping your chakras in perfect balance for your overall well-being.



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