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Silver or Gold plated bracelet of 7 Chakras

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This silver or gold plated bracelet of 7 Chakras contains stones that has proven benefits on your chakras and can rebalance them. The specificities of these stones are numerous and essential to the general well-being of the body and the spirit. Each stone has a clear role and a color that distinguishes it.

It helps rebalance the unbalanced chakras, restore and harmonize them to give back the necessary vital energy for everyday life to the person who wears,be it physical, mental or spiritual. When the vital harmony between body and mind is balanced, it is the general well-being that is maintained. 

As a result, the silver or gold plated bracelet of 7 Chakras will allow you to restore your inner peace, manage your essential emotions and acquire an essential spiritual and intellectual energy. You will, thus, find a true inner steadiness which will generate an improvement in your emotions management and make you more confident. You will feel stronger. You will find out that your mind will be more balanced. 

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