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The 3rd Eye chakraBracelet - Ajna Chakra (Sixth Chakra)

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The Sanskrit name of this chakra is «Ajna Chakra» which means "command center". It is the base of our consciousness, and represents our aspirations and our identity, but also our tendencies and our understanding. The 3rd eye chakra is between the eyebrows, it directs the other chakras and distributes the vital energy. It is related to wisdom and mastery, intellect and intelligence, as well as thinking. It plays the role of coordinator between the two cerebral hemispheres to bring by his actions a full vision of the reality. It develops thinking, imagination and intuition.

When this chakra is unbalanced, you feel the imaginary activity too abundant or otherwise totally inactive. Physically, the consequences are varied from headaches to neck pain, vision problems to sinusitis attacks. Psychologically, an imbalance in this chakra causes thought disturbances by obsessive visions, sleep disturbances or confusion leading to an alteration of your vision of reality.

When in balance, we feel open and focused, a deep spiritual connection, strong morality and can easily determine between truth and illusion.

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