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Throat Chakra Bracelet - Vishuddha chakra (fifth chakra)

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This throat chakra Bracelet will act on this chakra from which language, communication and listening flow. His name in Sanskrit is Vishuddha, which literally means "to purify" and its presence differentiates the human being from all forms of life. By its position, it controls the throat, the mouth, the ears and the neck. Each excessive ingestion of exciting substances can dry it up, destabilize it and unbalance it. This chakra is connected to the respiratory organs such as the bronchi, the lungs, but also to the vocal cords and the thyroid gland. It is the thing who gives us the necessary skills for communication, whether to express ourselves or to listen to others. 

When the chakra of the throat is unbalanced, you find it difficult to express yourself, by stammering for example. If it is blocked, you simply cannot externalize your thoughts and cannot interact with others. When it's closed, you feel internally confused, emotionally and mentally dispersed, you shut up instead of expressing yourself by keeping in yourself all kinds of harmful feelings, such as anger, tears, fear, and you do not feel joy anymore. 

When in balance, we can express our truth without worrying about what others may think.

This Throat Chakra Bracelet will help you keep your chakra in perfect harmony. Get it now by clicking on "Add to Cart".