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Tibetan lucky bracelet and copper beads

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This charming Tibetan lucky bracelet with copper beads is truly very elegant. It is entirely handmade in the respect of the pure Tibetan tradition. On its patiently braided lace are slipped three small copper beads and the ends are also finished with rectangular copper beads. The slip knot, called the lucky knot, allows you to slide it to adapt the bracelet to any type of wrist so that it fits perfectly.

This beautiful Tibetan lucky bracelet and copper beads is available in six colors to allow you to choose the one that will suit you best or to embellish your different outfits by matching them with the color that will match perfectly. Many personalities wear this kind of bracelet for the benefits and well-being it generates.

Whichever color you choose, your superb Tibetan lucky bracelet and copper beads will be as charming as it is delicate to match all your jewelry, outfits and style in general. Make your choice by clicking now on "Add to cart" to receive yours.