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This jewel with a rainbow reiki pendant has been created for those wishing to have a stylish and useful accessory.
The pendant acts on the vibratory field to rebalance energy and vital force. This jewel is therefore very useful to those with low energy levels or those who have tendencies for doubts and negativity. The reiki pendant also works on restoring the mood and chasing away the spleen. In general, this beautiful pendant is a precious ally to maintain harmony and well-being. 

Among the many advantages of the rainbow reiki pendant, we have especially enjoyed:
• the ability to slowly rebalance the vital energy;
• the beauty of the rainbow stone;
• the ability to wear this jewel with any clothing style;
• the raw shape of the stone;
• the multiple applications of Reiki in the everyday well-being.

Get all your vital energy back with the rainbow Reiki pendant!

Type: chain with pendant
Material: metal alloy
Pendant size: 4 cm