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Wish Bracelet of 7 Chakras

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This beautiful wish Bracelet of 7 Chakras is composed of 7 natural stones representing our 7 chakras. The stones forming it were carefully selected not only for their beneficial qualities, but also for their aesthetic beauty. Each stone will act on the chakra associated to it, in order to bring you a complete mental, physical and spiritual well-being. This type of bracelet is particularly used in meditation and during yoga sessions. 

The stones in this Wish Bracelet of 7 Chakras are:
- Carnelian; red for the Racine Chakra
- Agate; orange for the Sacred Chakra
- Citrine; yellow for the Solar Plexus Chakra
- Green Aventurine; green for the Heart Chakra
- Amazonite; blue for the throat Chakra
- Aquamarine; indigo for the 3rd eye Chakra
- Amethyst; purple for the Crown Chakra

This beautiful wish bracelet of 7 Chakras has been crafted to be adjustable thanks to its ingenious sliding system. As a result, it adapts to all handgrips and all body types. It will be perfect for women and men, and even youth. The stones in this bracelet have a diameter of 6 mm, a great medium size that fits all wearing styles. In order to fulfill all your wishes,quickly order your Wish Bracelet of 7 Chakras by clicking on "Add to Cart".