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Zen Bracelet of 7 Chakras

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This Zen Bracelet of 7 Chakrascontains different semi-precious pearls corresponding to a precise chakra by its color and its properties. It also comes with a nice pendant in metal in the form of a yogiin the posture of the tree, perfect to anyone practicing yoga. The peculiarities of these stones are their essential benefits they can bring to the body and mind. By allowing your chakras to be restored, balanced and harmonized, it is your overall well-being that will reap all the benefits. You will better manage your emotions and develop your energies, including the spiritual, emotional and intellectual ones. Your inner steadiness will be significantly improved bringing you more self-confidence. Your resistance will be also strengthened. 

The stones of this bracelet will allow you to keep your chakras in a good harmony and balance, which will allow you to better face days and various difficulties that will be less invasive. Get your 7 Chakras Zen bracelet by clicking on "Add to cart" to improve your well-being and balance your everyday life.